How to get started as a dog/handler team

All members of Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs are members of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), one of the largest and oldest national therapy dog organizations. Once you are registered with ATD, you may visit any facility that wishes to invite you in North America!

Before joining Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs, you must first become registered with ATD. The ATD registration process is outlined here:

ATD Registration Process in the DFW Area

Several ATD Tester/Observers in the DFW area work together to make your ATD registration process as seamless as possible. We invite you to begin by coming and watching a visit to see what we are all about! This will give you an idea as to what a typical visit is like and to meet a few of our dogs and handlers before formally beginning the ATD registration process with your dog.

After filling out the ATD required background check and having your veterinarian fill out the dog's health form, you and your dog will undergo the handling portion of the ATD test. The handling test is showing on this link in a video at the bottom of the page under "Watch Our Test":

Once you and your dog have passed the handling section of the test, the ATD Tester/Observers will give you options as to where you may complete your Observed Visits. Successfully passing three Observed Visits will complete your ATD requirements.

By filling out the form below, we will send you more details about the ATD registration process with DFW area ATD Tester/Observers.

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Must be at least 1 year old to join